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Starvision develops Managed Service Systems -- turnkey systems for centralized creation and management of services deployed on broadband networks. The target customers are service providers and large organizations, both which have strong requirements for reliability, scalability, and manageability. Starvision's products reduce the time to market and the operational costs associated with introducing new services through their off-the-shelf nature and centralized management.

Starvision's Managed Service Systems are carrier class, standards-based, and vendor and network protocol independent, and support heterogeneous networks. The Managed Service Systems software architecture is based on TINA (Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture), an advanced architectural standard providing a forward-looking foundation of business and technology models for centralized services.

Starvision's products include:

  • SCMS-25000 : A fault tolerant, TINA based service control and management system which enables service providers to deliver a variety of managed services to their customers over broadband ATM and IP networks.

  • MCS-ATM , MCS/IP: Service applications for the SCMS-25000 which provided managed multimedia conferencing services over ATM and IP networks.

  • VTS-ATM: An SCMS-25000 service application for video trunking (4:2:2/HDTV), post production and broadcast applications over ATM networks.

  • DMF-4800 : A carrier class, multi-protocol MCU/Gateway used in MCS services. Supports H.310 (MPEG-2 over ATM), H.321 (H.320 over ATM) and H.320 (H.320 over ISDN), H.323 (H.323 over IP and ATM) and MPEG-2 over IP.

  • StarMED, StarED, StarCORP: End user MCS applications for clinical telemedicine, interactive distance learning and corporate conferencing.

Starvision's products are available today and have been deployed by leading service providers in North America and Europe.

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