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Friday, 15th September

09.00 - 10.30 Transfer of TINA results to Standards Bodies
Session Chair: Hendrik Berndt, CTO, TINA-C


"TINA and Standards "
- Dr. Richard Soley, Chairman & CEO, Object Management Group

"PARLAY and the 3GPP Open Service Architecture TINA ideas and principles "
- Lucas Klostermann, 3GPP

"Mainstreaming telecom: Using IT for business "
- Ms. Beth Adams, TMF

"TINA results to Standards Bodies"
- Kenichi Kitami, NTT

"ITU-T work on technical languages and general software issues"
Amardeo Sarma, Chairman, ITU-T Study Group 10,


11.00 - 12.30 Closing Session: TINA - What's next?
Session chairs: S. Kano, TINA-C President, NTT Executive Adviser
H.Berndt, CTO TINA-C

Invitation to the Multimedia Super Corridor Project in Malaysia, the venue of the TINA conference 2002

Professor Hean-Teik Chuah, Dean of Engineering, Multimedia University, Malaysia

Realising the arrival of the Information Age and the urgent need to transform the Malaysian society into a knowledge-based society so that Malaysia is not left behind, the Malaysian government has spearheaded the establishment of the MSC since 1996. It is a 15x50km stretch of land, spanning from Kuala Lumpur City Centre in the north to Kuala Lumpur International Airport at Sepang in the south. This is the catalyst centre for economic growth in the country. Within the MSC locates the new electronic government centre, Putrajaya. Cyberjaya, a world class business and educational centre, is the intelligent city for both the high technology industry and the academia, especially in the multimedia and IT related areas. There shall also be cyber villages and tele-suburb areas for small and medium enterprises, as well as for smart schools and housing estates. The overall concept is to make MSC initially and Malaysia eventually a site of preference for international finance institutions, R&D activities, component and system manufacturing, as well as the centre for global marketing.

A look ahead:  TINA International Scientific Committee and TINA Fellowship Program

Sadahiko Kano, Hendrik Berndt