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Monday, 12 April 1999

09:00-12:30 Tutorial A1: What is TINA and is it useful to the Telcos?

Paolo Coppo (CSELT)
PDF file with the tutorial slides

This tutorial reports the results of the EURESCOM strategic study of the same name, whose participants are CSELT, Norwegian Telecom, Telecom Eireann and France Telecom.

The project is aimed at: (1) giving an overview of TINA today and of the available alternatives; (2) performing a SWOT analysis (Strength - Weakness - Opportunity - Threat); (3) assessing applicability of TINA principles to current evolving networks; and (4) recommending how TINA principles can be applied today.


09:00-12:30 Tutorial A2: Java in Network Management

Subodh Bapat (Sun Microsystems)
PDF file with the tutorial slides

The tutorial focuses on the many ways that Java can be used in the network management space. The impact of Java technology on legacy network management technology, as well as new technologies such as TMN and CORBA, is discussed. The tutorial explains the features of Java that make Java especially suitable for network management, including built-in distributed object features, dynamic code loading features, reflection and introspection features, as well as component programming using JavaBeans for network management applications.

The tutorial also explains various ways in which Java can be used in creating network management applications and platforms. This includes a detailed description of the applicability of Java programming to build manager applications, agent frameworks, as well as management platforms themselves. Special attention is paid to the subject of using Java to solve practical problems in the network management space, such as minimizing the configuration management problem using Java-based upgrades, and create secure network management platforms. The use of server-side Java components (Enterprise JavaBeans) for building scalable, reliable, high-capacity network management platforms is discussed.


14:00-17:30 Tutorial P: In Evolution - Impact of Internet, CORBA, TINA, and Mobile Agent Technologies

Thomas Magedanz (IKV++)
PDF file with the tutorial slides

The main concern of this tutorial is the evolution of the “Intelligent Network” (IN), which is in principle designed as an evolvable telecommunications middleware solution. After a brief review of IN principles, this tutorial looks at the main impacts on IN evolution caused by new bearer network environments / application domains (e.g. Voice over IP networks) and emerging middleware technologies (i.e. distributed object technologies and mobile agent technologies).