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Monday, 12 April 1999

14:00-22:00 TINA DPE Workshop

Dave Stringer (Nortel Networks) and Tolga Yalcinkaya (Sprint)

The goal of this workshop is to establish the requirements for DPEs in the Telecommunications industry, to review trends in distributed system technology, and to identify a roadmap that will culminate in products that unify the technology with requirements.

The Speakers and their slides

D. Stringer (Nortel) Introduction
T. Yalcinkaya (Sprint) Introduction
T. Yalcinkaya (Sprint)
K. Kitami (NTT)
G. Lin (Deutsche Telecom)
A. Gavras (Eurescom)
N. Mercouroff (Alcatel)
T. Rutt (Lucent)
D. Stringer (Nortel)
J. Sventek (Hewlett-Packard)
K. Raatikainen (U. Helsinki)